New plans

Unfortunately we were not able to send volunteers to Balanyá due to the COVID situation. In April ’22 Stephanie will visit the orchestra in order to make some plans together. We keep you updated!

Volunteers in 2019

2019 has been a very special year for us: a record number of volunteers has meant we have been able to provide volunteer lessons from February to December!

The women and girls of the orchestra with Camille Sors and Savitri Grier

Many thanks to:
Marcel Nikoleiski, Camille Sors, Savitri Grier, Lina Bohn, Sophia Stiehler, Clara de Sóto Paz, Daniel Vlashi, Sofia and Camilla Marzolo and Ellen Kenny!

The men and boys of the orchestra with Camille Sors and Savitri Grier

Concerts in Guatemala-City

This weekend the orchestra played two concerts in the capital.

On Saturday they brought music to a shopping mall and afterwards were invited to a museum of childhood.

Concert in a shopping mall

A museum visit






After that everyone stayed over at the homes of the members of a choir, who had invited the orchestra to perform with them on Sunday.

Protestant church in Zona 1, Guatemala City

ready to play …